Success Stories

A selection of Escapees who’ve come through our various programs led by our Escape experts.

Every month, our alumni share their stories with the wider Escape community to explain in their own way how doing something different is possible. Each of them have different backgrounds, experiences, challenges, and dreams, but each have cultivated their passions and are now doing work they love.

Ashley Bearden

Ashley Bearden, Founder of
Do Good Films

Ashley decided to teach herself how to do what she had spent the last 15 years hiring others to do – creating video and films with impact. Read her full story here.

“If you really drill down and figure out what baby steps you can take, before you know it you have accomplished a few things and each little thing propels you a little further.”

Scott Slater

Scott Slater, Founder of
CodePunk LLC

Scott was tired of living someone else’s live and was ready to forge his own. Read how he turned his dreams into reality here.

“I dare to dream. It may sound trite but I always find it surprising how many people put limits on what they allow themselves to wish for. Dreams should never have limits.”

Krystal Chong

Krystal Chong,

Krystal escaped a career as Chief Marketing Officer for her family’s company, to become a motivational writer, speaker, and producer. Find out how she did it, here.

“The program changes you as a person, and your life, in ways you can’t describe in words. So I’ll attempt to give some examples here, but they won’t ever be able to do it justice. It’s something you will only understand if you experience it for yourself.”

Erik Douds

Erik Douds, Founder of
Diabetics Abroad and Åter Design

Erik drew upon the strength and support of the Escape community to drive him to pursue and make reality, not one, but two passions. Read how he did it here.

“People feed off each other’s energy to set the bar higher and make dreams a reality.”

Matt McCann

Matt McCann,

Matt escaped 15 years in the IT industry to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a full time professional photographer. Read our quick-fire Q&A with him here.

“Get out there into unchartered waters. Staying in your comfort zone on the dock is not a journey.”