Escape Retreat

Reflect. Recharge. Renew.

Join escapee experts and others for 3 days of dreaming, planning, and restoring in nature.

Places are limited.

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Feel stuck? Thinking ‘if not this, then what?’

Overwhelmed by your to-do list?

Underwhelmed by your current career?

Ready to make a change?

We created this retreat just for you….

In one weekend, you’ll get clear on your next steps, gain the tools you need to make a change, and gain the confidence you need to move forward.


What is the Escape Retreat?
A space where you can slow down and reconnect with what matters to you, map out your escape plan, and have a really good time.

What you’ll learn:

  • The psychology of ‘stuck’ and how to get unstuck
  • Which ingredients of fulfilling work are missing for you
  • Common career change myths and how to avoid them
  • Ways to utilize your skills to create new opportunities
  • How to build an Escape plan with clarity and confidence

What do you get?

  • Great people, great outdoors, great connections
  • A unique Escape gathering out of the city
  • Optional group yoga and meditation
  • Group meals
  • Facilitated workshops for goal mapping brainstorming
  • Weather permitting – getting outdoors, going for a walk or simply hanging out. No pressure
  • Hiking, stargazing, smore making, coffee drinking, bonfire bonding, yoga, meditation, and merrymaking
How will the weekend run?
Saturday schedule

Session 1: Introductions & Intentions
 – Learn about Escape’s story, your instructor’s Escape story, and get to know your fellow bootcampers
– Set intentions: what do you want to get out of the weekend?

Session 2: The Future of Work & You
 – Understand why workplace dissatisfaction is so rampant and what you can change in your personal situation
– Learn how future of work trends will affect you and what you can do to adapt

Session 2: Demystifying Career Change
– The #1 mistake most career changers fall for and how to avoid it
– Learn common career change myths and strategies to address them

Session 4: Career & Life Audit
– Examine your career and life-to-date to get clearer on how much change you need
– Identify which core ingredients of fulfilling work missing for you
– Tactics to uncover your natural strengths and superpowers

Session 5: Uncover Your Values & What Matters Most
 – Get clear on what kind of work gives you energy or takes it away
– How to use your values to make difficult and important decisions

Sunday schedule

Session 1: Dream Big
 – What do you desire? Get back in touch with your untapped dreams and life goals
– Where are you going? Uncover what your “Ideal Day” looks like and create a 5-year vision for your life

Session 2: Start Where You Are
 – Learn three powerful tactics to uncover your interests and what makes you tick
– Become an “idea machine” and generate new ideas for yourself
– Learn how to think like an entrepreneur and design your own career

Session 3: Map Out Your Future Possibilities
– Uncover which interests, strengths, skills, and assets you’ll use to create new possibilities for yourself
– Draw a ‘Map of Possibilities’ to navigate your future and confidently choose your next steps

Session 4: What’s Stopping You? Fears, Doubts & Blockers
 – Learn how to identify and overcome the ‘Blockers’ and obstacles in your way
– Learn how to trick your mind into doing important but difficult things
– Build your Escape Fund to transition intelligently

Session 5: How to Create New Opportunities
 – Learn the 3 strategies successful career changers employ to create opportunities for themselves
– Launch your own Escape Project in an exciting new direction
– How to sustain your Escape and keep moving forward with purpose

Mornings, lunchtimes, and evenings: Refresh your body and mind through a series of optional wellness activities. Build your escape community through group exercises and outdoor activities, and take some time to enjoy a few breaths of fresh air.
“A really fantastic couple of days which I gained masses out of: an arsenal of tools, a pile of confidence, and a great bunch of people.”
Mari, March 2017
“You gave me the chance to talk to other people in the same boat who I’d never have had the chance to speak with but who had similar, and also different experiences that could both accentuate and challenge my ideas. It was hugely liberating and reassuring to do this. Plus the luxury of dedicating time to myself was a pleasure, and something I am not good at doing otherwise. Thank you.”
Chrissie, 2016
“Great, engaging style. Honest, open approach. Great examples of yourselves or others who have made changes & provided confidence that a) we’re not alone and b) to think of the small changes rather than the big-bang, throw yourself off a cliff type approach”
Rowen, 2016
“I have struggled to allow myself the time to really focus on what I am looking for in my career choices, what is important to me (or not!), analyze my values and feelings. [This workshop] enabled me to look and reflect on both the positives and negatives, breaking my ambitions down in to bite size manageable chunks”
Amy, 2016
“Genuine. No bullshit, just a well researched and honest presentation of what steps can be taken, what to expect when you take those steps, accepting that it’s going to be difficult at times and giving some perspective/understanding to the underlying emotions at play.”
The Details

A scenic two hour train ride on the Metro North line to Greenkill Retreat Center


Summer 2017



* Discount for Escape program members

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