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The Escape Accelerator is a 12-week career change program that will help you find direction, take action and create exciting new career opportunities for yourself. It is designed to give you:

A support network

Move from thinking to doing

Gain momentum surrounded by ambitious, likeminded individuals making brave changes in their lives. Plus you’ll have access to hand-picked mentors + peer accountability groups meeting each week to help you make progress.


Demystify the career change process

Escape Trained expert leaders will help breakdown the process for you, helping you to build the skills you need to make a change. You’ll also have access to tools that thousands of people have used to make change in their lives.

Empower you to take action

Embrace a growth mindset

Although it takes more than 12 weeks to build a business or launch into a dream career, the Escape program will massively accelerate this process, equipping you with the tools & mindset needed to take forwards as you continue to build.

“I feel like I have a really solid framework to resurrect my Escape, which had stalled slightly over the past year due to a lack of direction and confidence. There are so many tools that I have picked up and a really diverse group that I feel I can turn to for motivation. I feel the alumni network will be invaluable over the coming months/years.”

Victoria, Escape Program 2015

“I think when it comes to investing in personal development, it always feels like value for money if you come away with changed perceptions, new motivations and new friends. Escape’s Program got gold stars for all these categories!!”

Emily, Escape Program 2015

“Such a good investment. I’ve made friends for life as we all share a common goal and mindset. It’s refreshing to know that people are on the same wave length as me and get where I’m going from. The Escape Program has not only helped me to build a fulfilling career- but has touched others parts of my life too and given me the tools & encouragement for exploring personal development, which will enrich my life for ever. One of the best experiences ever and I’m so glad I did it!”

 Gabrielle, Escape Program 2015

“Totally worth every penny. Would have paid a lot more over the course of many years for different types of things that wouldn’t have given the same unified effect.“

Juju, Escape Program 2015

“I think the tribe was excellent value for money. I was considering a career coach at one stage (might still consider in future) but I think there is so much more one can gain from a group experience and getting exposure to different career coaches/experts and inspiring people, rather than just working with one person.”

Louanne, Escape Program 2015

Who Is This For?

A program designed to help people …

Find direction

Anything from 2-20 years into your career. We help people find direction in their professional lives.

Pivot their careers

Navigating a career change alone is intimidating, we demystify the process and give you a support network of 50 others on the same path.

Go freelance

Break into the Gig Economy. We’ll help you to explore and test out a 21st Century Career, working on your own terms and tapping into the burgeoning freelance economy.

What You Will Learn

Over the course of 12 weeks you will be guided through a learning and doing experience. The program is split into three sections covering 12 main principles for accelerating your career change.

Part 1: Lay the foundations

Brave career transitions require good self-knowledge and a resilient mindset, we’ll take you through the essentials to make sure you’re on track.

Part 2: Build your toolkit

Figure out what you want by starting DOING, you’ll use your values & interests to undertake small experiments in order to see what works.

Part 3: Hustle opportunities

The old career model required us all to fit in. Building a career on your own terms requires finding a niche and standing out. We’ll help you identify how to find new opportunities and how to hustle exciting new opportunities for yourself.


Kick off Day & Closing Day

You’ll meet and get to know your fellow Escapees on the first Saturday session to kickstart the program, and will all come together for an epic Demo Day at the end to show off all the progress you’ve made.

12 x 3 hour sessions

You’ll meet weekly to hear from inspirational speakers, take action, and collaborate fellow Escapees to accelerate your escape.

One-on-one coaching with Escape experts

You’ll have access to unlimited Check-ins with Program Leaders and mentors.

2x Socials

Grow your network socialising with a new community of likeminded and ambitious individuals, organised by us!

1x Workathon

Stop thinking and start doing, we’ll provide the prompts and space for you to make significant progress in an all day session facilitated by Escapees.

Additional Extras

We know transitions take longer than 12 weeks. Our bolt-ons are designed to support you through your escape journey.

One-on-One Career Coaching

Feeling really stuck? We can help with a course of one-on-one coaching sessions with professional career coaches.

One-Day Workshops

Unsure of which direction you want to head in? Join us for one-day workshops where you can test out different career paths.

Specialized Modules

Deepen your knowledge about specific topics like starting a business, going freelance, or starting a career in social impact with our intensive modules – designed to get you what you need to test out specialized paths.

Explore Success Stories

Matt escaped from IT as a data storage engineer to explore a freelance career in photography: including teaching workshops via

“The Founding Members program highlighted to me the importance of community and the support of like-minded people. I’m now in a position to help others on a larger scale – whether that’s the other 60 FMs or people they know.”

Helen Su escaped investment banking to launch her own travel website. She balances her time with a role in financial technology and is also experimenting with the idea of a food truck and event planning business.

“Before the program there was a lot of fear of failure. Fear of wondering ‘what if I don’t like it after trying’? A fear of wasting time and not getting results. Now, I understand that it’s ok to fail, without failing I would not learn. And that’s ok. I’ve learnt to be resilient, not give up and to be kind to myself.”

Mo Ramchandani escaped software development to consult and coach on software products and run the outdoor adventures he’s always wanted to – including rock climbing and snow-boarding.

“The FM program changed my life. It didn’t solve any problems for me or give me all the answers. Instead, it gave me something much better – confidence in myself. There was a moment when I stopped thinking of reasons why I couldn’t do something and starting focusing on how to do it.”

Your Outcomes

By the end of the Program you will:

Be a lot clearer on your “blockers” — the things that are keeping you stuck.

Have taken stock of your career history and highlighted the ingredients of fulfilling work that are missing for you.

Have a good understanding of the unhelpful narratives you’re telling yourself and begin to articulate new potential narratives for yourself.

Have a better sense of your unique values and what truly matters to you.

Have learnt how to overcome resistance and how to prioritise effectively.

Have developed a robust entrepreneurial mindset and resilient habits.

Understand how successful 21st century careerists create opportunities.

Begin testing your way into new career directions by spearheading new projects and kickstarting experiments into the world based on your interests.

Have a greater understanding of how you can demonstrate your value to others.

Have met a community of people at similar stages in their journeys.

Have made progress through brave action at the edge of your comfort zone.

Be connected with a strong community of likeminded people who are on a similar mission to you.

people have graduated from our programs worldwide


said they now have the support needed to make the change


recommended our programs to a friend

Your Escape NYC Team

Our educational excellence is a community effort. When you learn at Escape, you can always rely on an in-house team of experts to provide guidance and support, whenever you need it.

Program Leaders

You will have a Program leader & an assistant who have credible track records in successful career changes, coaching & group facilitation.

Qualified Experts

You will periodically hear from a variety of teachers and guest speakers with useful advice and deep specialty experience.

Experienced Mentors

You will get to meet alumni and successful escapees to learn from their experiences.

Teachers & Speakers

Over the course of the program you will hear from a variety of guest speakers with useful experience and advice, including other Escape team members in their specialist areas. Hearing different perspectives on psychology, philosophy, entrepreneurship, artistry and stories on career change can be valuable and we strive to balance inspiration and food for thought with getting down to work.

Some of the incredible speakers we’ve welcomed in the past include:

Mark Stevenson

Mark Stevenson is an entrepreneur, author, broadcaster and expert on global trends and innovation – particularly interested in the future of work.

In this short film we ask Mark to share some tips on how people can thrive as our world of work evolves.

Joe Griston

Joe Griston is the Director of People and Talent at, a global crowdsourcing online marketplace, which allows potential employers to post jobs that freelancers can bid to complete.

In this short film, Joe shares some advice and a short challenge for those interested in the freelance world.


Our 12 week Program costs $1,500.

We want to make our programs accessible to as many people as possible so payment plans are available upon request.

Payments are not requested until after you have been through the application process and offered a place.


Price Includes:

Kick off day & Closing day

12 x 3 hour workshops

Unlimited checkins with Program Leaders

2x Socials

1x Saturday Workathon

Dates & Location

The next Escape Accelerator takes place:

May 16th – August 1st 2017

The Escape Accelerator is designed to fit around full-time employment.

You will be required every Tuesday evening from the start of the program to the end (7:00pm – 10:00pm)

As well as the following two Saturdays (10am – 6pm)

  • Kickoff weekend – Saturday, May 20th
  • Demo day – Saturday, July 29th

The Program is held at Grind NYC: West St/Vesey, 140 West Street, 2nd Fl. New York, NY 10007.

Where your tuition money goes

Taster Workshops

See if the Escape Accelerator is the right fit for you.
These free workshops are opportunities to get a feel for what the program is like, and the great things that can happen when awesome, escape-minded people get together.

These are intimate workshops with Escape experts and places are limited to 40 per workshop. Reserve your place now.

Graduate into The Escape Club

Your journey doesn’t finish after 3 months. It’s only just beginning. After the course you’ll graduate into The Escape Club. A group of 500+ people on the same journey as you.

The Escape Club is a private network for all Alumni at Escape. We are full of brave escapees, ambitious career changers, & aspiring entrepreneurs. Building a career on your own terms takes time. This community is here to support you throughout your journey.


Ongoing access to all program materials & other information


Community stories & the ability to showcase your progress


Monthly alumni gatherings and bigger retreats & festivals


Structured ways of connecting with each other online


Introductions to and connections with Escape employers

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