Quick-fire Q&A with Founding Member & Photographer Matt McCann

A lovely fives minute Q&A with one of our Founding Members, Matt McCann. Matt escaped 15 years in IT to become a full-time professional photographer. 


Tell us a little bit about your background

My dad was into photography… he had a dark room in our house early on. I got the photography bug and have always been into it a bit more than the average person. Figuring out a way to make money doing something you love was another thing.

What career were you doing before the Founding Members program?

Spent 15 years in IT architecting data storage solutions for global 500 financial firms. Also dabbled in real estate owning two multi-unit rental properties.

What are you doing now?

Currently full time photography. Mostly shooting real estate but as my business grows I’m shooting more events, head shots, portraits, drone, and also video.

What were your key learnings from the program?

Keep on keeping on. Getting any small business off the ground takes time. Your offering and network doesn’t reach the entire world overnight. Also, get out there into unchartered waters. Staying in your comfort zone on the dock is not a journey.

What is your superpower?

Give. Keep giving with the intent to do good; and do it unconditionally. You will attract like-minded people into your network and these people will help you attain your goals; also without conditions.

Matt McCann

Check out Matt’s photography on his website or on Facebook.
Wanting to explore the beautiful outdoors and learn photography at the same time? Look into Matt’s meetup group to hike and learn photography.

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