Finding his people and making dreams a reality

Below is Erik’s story. It might seem like he had it all planned out, but what he needed was a community to support and drive him towards realizing his ambitions. The result? Erik is now cultivating two passions, and hustling every single day to make those dreams a reality.


My name is Erik Douds and I have a background in international environmental policy.

There has always been one question driving my work, “What does it mean to live in a globalized world?” This has brought me to countries across our planet to work on designing a national park, researching the water quality of ocean basins, and learning first-hand from different cultures.

Coming to a place like New York City has exposed me to the start-up technology scene. As a Sustainability Manager, I help companies build out environmental programs to expand their service offerings to meet the expanding needs of new clients.

More than anything, the Founding Members program gave me a community of people who are going to support you through the next big leap. People feed off each other’s energy to set the bar higher and make dreams a reality.

I am now tapping into two parts of my life – diabetes and sustainability – to create a truly remote lifestyle. The first focus is helping diabetics travel and explore the world through a blog called

Logo-Diabetes Abroad

Secondly, I am launching Åter Design, which is a sustainability consulting company focused on green energy purchasing, zero-waste programs, and the LEED Dynamic process.

My Superpower is Endless Curiosity.

I would love to collaborate on putting on long weekend trips, traveling adventures, etc. Also always here to talk about entering the environmental community.

Erik Douds

Erik has found his purpose, in both helping diabetics travel the world, and in sustainability consulting. The Founding Members program gave him the community and confidence to pursue both passions and make them both a reality.

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