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Since 2010 we’ve been on a mission to help 1,000,000 people find work they love.




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Escape is a global movement of 320,000+ people who want to do something different with their lives. The movement started in London 7 years ago and has since spread around the world. This is our NYC chapter.

What we do

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Receive a curated weekly email of exciting job opportunities in NYC and beyond, and connect with progressive employers.

The Escape Accelerator 

A 12-week program to help you find direction, take action and create exciting new career opportunities for yourself.

Startup programs

Get your business idea into the world with our 12-week part-time startup program or our Startup MBA Weekend program.

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Meet ups

Events, workshops and meet ups around entrepreneurship and career change that will inspire you.

“The most important thing I learned with Escape is that nothing will change unless you make the change. It is so important to surround yourself with like-minded people for encouragement at down-times.”

Caitlin Wallis, Founding Esc Member

“Escape helped me to learn that I’m not strange or stupid for quitting my corporate job to go in search of a more meaningful career. There’s loads of amazing people out there who are doing the same thing, with ideas and passion, all who helped to inspire me.”

Andy Smith, Founding Esc Member

“There aren’t any words to tell anyone exactly what this program has meant to me. I will say what it has made me feel: confident in who I am and what I can offer to those around me. Though you hear people say it all the time, we are truly the designers of our life.”

Celeste, Escape NYC Founding Member

“When I was at work one day and just realized “I can’t do this anymore.” Change became a necessity. I probably couldn’t have gotten there without Escape helping me to fully examine and imagine a life beyond my career.”

Scott, Escape NYC Founding Member

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